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New launch: Kendra & Patagonia, the trekking inspiration that will sweep this fall

At Bryan we anticipate and launch a season preview with two models that will be the biggest trend next season.

These are the Patagonia sneaker and the Kendra boot , both trekking -inspired, a style that is going to be very fashionable and that you will start to see everywhere very soon.

Our team works hard to capture trends and translate them into many of our designs, always providing our own essence and identity.

Let's start at the beginning to learn more about this trend and get to know Kendra and Patagonia better.

What is trekking ?

It is a physical activity that consists of walking through natural settings, such as mountains, forests, jungles, canyons or rivers.
To do this, hiking boots are used, which have a quite significant design (and that we are sure you have seen!).

Kendra and Patagonia absorb certain characteristic elements of this trend and transform them into casual sneakers and boots.

It includes metal hooks, thick cotton laces, earthy colors, wide leather tongues and, perhaps the most important part, a lightened mountain-style sole so that both the shoe and the boot are light as air.

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of trekking, we wanted our models to carry a little of that essence, that soul. This is why we decided to name them Patagonia and Kendra

Patagonia: is a geographical, historical and cultural region located at the southern end of the Southern Cone of the American continent.

Kendra: it is a feminine name that derives from Kendrick, from English. The meaning of Kendra is 'high hill'.

Our Patagonia leather sneaker is available in four colors: white, black, green and brown.
Each one of them is a combination of several shades (following the base color) and mixes leather, suede and breathable fabric.

Perfect for everyday wear and add a different touch to your looks.
Without a doubt, a commitment to style, trend and a fashion that is here to stay.
Guaranteed comfort on your feet and an incredible roll!

For its part, the Kendra leather boot is a stronger shoe, with more presence and with many more details that make this model something special.

It can be combined with a wide variety of outfits, giving it its own style and a lot of personality.
Perhaps it is the model in which the trekking style is most evident.
It is incredible the adaptation that has been made from the typical mountain boot to an everyday shoe that radiates personal taste.

Additionally, the Kendra boot includes combinable laces that have been designed specifically for each model. Thus, you can convert your boots into different ones whenever you want.

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