Nail Culture: The sandals that best match your manicure, Bryan Stepwise

Nail Culture: The sandals that best match your manicure

Tell me what manicure you have and I'll tell you your ideal sandals.

Did you know that your hands say as much about you as the shoes you wear?

If your hands are your letter of introduction, your feet can only complement it.

We show you 3 manicure trends that combine perfectly with our flat sandals .

The undecided, we are in fashion!

Now with the "mismatched" trend you no longer have to choose just one color, combine several colors of the same tone range and show off your nails!

This option is sweeping due to its versatility and its ability to combine with everything. And these are our Olympia women's flat sandals , a safe bet so as not to fail when choosing our summer sandals . A basic summer shoe capable of combining with any look.

You no longer have to give up comfort for a beautiful women's shoe , with Olympia you have it all. Without a doubt the perfect summer combination.

Milan, the favorite for the most minimalist

The chicest nails are here to stay and make the perfect match with our Milan strap sandals in all their facets. Simple, elegant and saying so much with so little.

Find your perfect combination with Milan red , yellow , brown and black and show everything you have to say to the world.

We transform the conventional summer sandal with Ermine

For the most fun ones and for those who like to bet on a color and take it to its maximum exponent. This flat sandal is trendy and comfortable thanks to its braiding in brown , white and black , combine it with your freshest manicure!

The French manicure that we all know is evolving and so are our basics .

And you, what sandal are you?

Choose yours, paint your nails and shout to the world who you are!

Discover our entire collection of sandals in our post " The flat sandals that will save you this summer "

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