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The most discounted summer looks

Sales or new season?

Are you one of those who appear in the newspaper on the first day of sales fighting for shelter in the middle of summer or do you prefer to wait for the new season and have everything done for you?

For those of you who hate sales, we want to make your job easier so that you can get that summer look that you keep seeing but that you never find.

It's time to get bargains and prepare your wardrobe for next summer.

The summer look

Without a doubt, the summer outfit comes from Sara Baceiredo , with an oversized fuchsia dress and our brown Olympia flat sandals .

Raise your hand if you haven't seen this look all summer!
Nobody right?

The most claimed and the most sold out, but don't worry! We can still look great.

We have found this Mango dress for less than €20!!
And do you know the best? You can combine it again with the essential Olympia .

Our flat sandal is back, back for everyone but especially for the fastest ones (they are flying)

This women's sandal has been the summer favorite and in addition to being a 10 in comfort, you can find them with a 20% discount on our website .

The basic that should not be missing in your summer sales basket.

Vichy always

Do you know what can't be missing in your closet?

The gingham print, that dress that returns season after season to remind you that it's summer and to take out your favorite sandals for a walk.

You can find it at Mango for €17.99!!

We wanted to give it a touch of joy with Milan , a 100% leather flat sandal , which with two straps accompanies the foot throughout its journey.
The most chosen by lovers of minimalism. And to make it even simpler, you can choose between: Brown , black , blue and white .

Pay attention to bargain hunting because Milan is at 15%!!

The classics that don't fail

The denim pinafore that has conquered us, with its multiple versions and for its price!

This summer it has been a hit for its comfort and versatility. It's time to get one to end the summer.

Together with our Medusa leather sandal in nude , it has become the most desired perfect basic.

Medusa , has two crossed leather strips in the shape of a bow or knot and a padded sole.

It is available in black , brown and nude now at a price of 46.15

Take advantage of the summer sales to get your basics that are more discounted than ever.

Show off leather sandals with discounts of up to 30% on our website.

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