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Looks for your spring-summer events

We help you dress for your spring-summer events.

The eternal dilemma between being well dressed and achieving a look that we can continue using later. This season's trends are on our side and informal but elegant looks are becoming more and more fashionable.

No more buying a great dress that we will only use once.

We give you the keys to go to the latest for very little!

A simple but stylish look

The perfect look that you can continue using together or separately. A simple style but that meets all the trends of the season.

Blazer and gingham check, the perfect match. This spring they are highlighting bold color combinations as we can see in this photo by @evelinnora . A look made up of several trends; colors, prints and strappy sandals.

We think it's the perfect outfit for any occasion. Combine it with beige Grecia , and you will be perfect for that special event.

The beige heeled sandal is the best ally for this type of looks, adding a feminine touch to a pant and jacket suit.

Do you want to take advantage of it?

Get off the heel, combine it with the Dalia sneaker , add a basic white one and you can continue using it every day.

off-road dresses

We are all fans of this type of dresses. And it is the ideal garment that always gets you out of a lot of trouble. It depends on the accessories you combine them with, you will achieve one style or another.

Not all of us are friends with prints, but what we cannot deny is that airy midi dresses look good on all body types. You just have to choose your favorite print or opt for the usual simple monochrome dress.

A high-heeled sandal has never been so important. Mara in brown tone manages to go from an outfit that we could easily wear to a beach bar to the perfect look for a special get-together.

Mara is that sandal that everyone will ask you about and it has its own style that does not go unnoticed. @anasaez__ has accompanied it with a good bag and that art that characterizes her and we have fallen in love with it.

The eternal basic

If you want to look perfect without having to invest in new clothes, go to the bottom of your wardrobe. Well-combined basics are always a good option.

Rescue your favorite jeans that will also be super comfortable because you know how good they feel on you, add some linen or satin to give a more modern touch to the look and the key piece, some good HEELED SANDALS .

@carmentobal has combined a simple look with our Mara in brown and the result could not be more spectacular.

If you don't want to complicate yourself with difficult looks, leave all the limelight at your feet, they will be your letter of introduction. With Mara you won't need anything else.

With a tone that goes with everything, and the strap on the toe, it has become the high-heeled sandal that we all need this summer.

The perfect black and white

Black and white is always good when you don't know what to wear, but it's not an easy task.

Choosing the right clothes is very important in this type of look, and a suit makes it very easy for you, especially if it feels as good as @luciasvriz's .

The key piece of black and white are the accessories. Black strappy sandals , in addition to stylizing the leg, give that elegant and feminine touch that suits need.

A high -heeled sandal that enhances your look and means you don't need anything else. Grecia is perfect for all events, it is beautiful, comfortable and goes great with everything. YOU NEED HER.

The most elegant

One of the favorite options is monochromatic looks with different textures, like @teresa_bass .

An elegant style but one that you can reuse together or separately. With garments that stylize all types of bodies, choosing the tone that best suits you.

We love the combination of such formal pieces with the Zoe zebra flat sandals . It is the best option for those who want to be dressed up without giving up comfort.

Romantic style

Romantic dresses have become a popular style for events. Pastel tones with lace and volume are very flattering and are always a good option.

You can also continue using them by combining them with other accessories to give it a different style.

@raquelreitx has combined it with Mara in the same tone as the dress, achieving the perfect monochrome look.

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