The best diaries for a 2019 full of new resolutions. – Bryan Stepwise

The best diaries for a 2019 full of new resolutions.

We know for a fact that nothing is more exciting at the start of a new year than choosing an agenda. Undoubtedly, it is a task that frames the year and that feeds our resolutions, because who starts 2019 with an agenda that does not represent them?

In Bryan this year, we have been quite indecisive, we wanted to get out of the usual ones and find one that was special, that adapted to us and to the new year so promising.

We already have ours, but what about you?

We have set ourselves the task, we have visited a thousand stationery shops so that both you and we can find "the diary" for 2019, the irreplaceable one.

Classics never go out of fashion and at Bryan we have always loved Moleskine notebooks. They were the kind of notebooks used by Van Gogh, Picasso and Oscar Wilde. When you open a Moleskine you somehow seem to be transported back in time.You can't miss the Harry Potter special edition!

agenda edicion especial harry potter

For all you bullet journal addicts out there, Raquel Torres has launched this year her “Of Date” diary
a diary without dates that allows you to organise the week as you like, designing it yourself.

agenda de raquel torres

If you love stationery, Charuca is a very good choice. Its creator, Charo Vargas, promotes therapeutic stationery through her diary and her blog, or as she calls it "paper therapy", to find yourself and be more productive.

agenda amarillas charo vargas

Blackie Books, a publishing house from Barcelona, launches its new diary as it does every year; with recommendations of series, inspirational quotes and even lists to write down your favourite books. Blackie Books focuses on all the details to always have everything under control.

agendas 2019 blackie books

Paper Blank, a brand that takes inspiration from artists and craftsmen to design their wonderful diaries, could not be missing in our list of recommendations. Their production is one of the most artisan and detailed work you can find.

agenda paper blank

And finally, for those of you for whom the diary is a basic necessity, we have found the star of the crown. A diary that, as the brand says, "adapts to you and not you to it". Lined with a leather that embellishes with use; with 3 quarterly booklets and another one for notes, and with the possibility of the booklets adapting to your needs. Without a doubt, the paradise of diaries!

agenda antara marron

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