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The favourite cowboy boots for festivals

Cowboy boots have been a favourite all winter long. In spring we continue to wear them with mini dresses and the first rays of sunshine.

This look by Marta Cepeda is one of our favourites to wear cowboy boots in spring.

Andrea Noguero joined the trend of the white Ibiza dress and tan boots. The look that never fails.


Jandra camel is that versatile boot that the more you wear it the more you like it, you will never get tired of wearing them.

They're Made in Spain and 100% leather so they're also the most comfortable cowboy boots you'll ever own.

And the best thing is that you can get the festival boots for 71,90€!

It was Sara Baceiredo who surprised us with this great look and opened the way to include them in all our summer festivals.

Sara chose the version of the cowboy boot in black with beige embroidery and combined it with torn shorts and a headscarf.

We loved this combo and we're all signing it up for this summer's festivals.

Another more daring proposal is that of Maria Mood. With total black and Jandra cowboy in black.

What festival can you imagine yourselves at with this look?

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Jandra cowboy in black is one of the first to sell out every time we restock them.

It is a women's boot that you can wear in both winter and summer, they are made of leather and cost less than 80€!

If you still don't have them now is the time to get them, they are available in all sizes but for a short time!

We love festivals and we have the perfect match!

Jandra in beige
is the one chosen by Raquel Reitx. The accessories in this look are key to go with the theme of the event.

Marta Soriano is also a fan of our cowboy boots and we can see it in several posts on her Ig profile.

And the Jandra women's boot adapts to any plan, whatever time of year it is.

For 69,90€ you can get the Jandra model in beige with embroidery.

Perfect for summer festivals!

Adapt them to your own style and look amazing.

If cowboy style isn't your thing, check out the rest of our summer collection.

And now with up to -30% SALE.

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