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July: 5 plans to avoid getting bored even at home

July. That wonderful month in which we can finally shout from the rooftops that we are already in summer.

It's time to spend looong hours on the beach, to plan to go to the gym and end up having a drink on a terrace and, ultimately, to make plans and more plans.
It burns us more to stay at home than to be in the sun!

Even so, the month goes a long way and one day we will have to spend it at home, right?

Our first plan, can you guess what it could be? We have had it marked in red on the calendar for months.

Well... ladies and gentlemen, on July 4th the third season of Stranger Things premieres!

stranger things third season premiere

And... pay attention to the fact! David Harbour , one of the main actors of the series confesses that we better have a pack of tissues nearby, because more than being scared, what we are going to do is not stop crying.

Knowing this, are you going to choose to continue watching the episodes as a group?

Having passed this notable milestone in our historic summer, do you know what board game they have released?

From the creators of the Harry Potter Trivia, comes the Friends Trivia for all audiences. We are already looking for it because, not about anything else, but Friends, we are big fans!

friends trivia

Leaving behind the typical plans of going to the beach (which we will obviously do), this year we want to go a little further, and go in search of that hidden beach bar that we would never have found on our own.

There are many good proposals, but given the choice, ... this is one of our favorites.
We, who are from Alicante, move around places in the area and we love this place.
There is peace, a good atmosphere, good taste... in addition, they usually hold events where brands of all kinds gather.

nice beach bar

La Siesta - Jávea

And yours, what are they?

Do you know the travel website where you enter dates and it is the platform itself that decides which country you will go to and notify 48 hours in advance?

We are still hesitating whether to dare or not but, at first, it can be a very exciting option!

You can start choosing dates and embark on the adventure now!


And finally, we propose as a fifth plan, some aquatic activity. Diving with a cylinder, kayak excursions, or (getting off topic a little) taking a getaway to a mountain town where you can enjoy the calm and disconnect from social networks for a few days.

kayak excursion

Be that as it may, whether or not you have vacations in summer, try to enjoy as much as you can of the good energy that this time of year transmits.

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