The new fashionable "animal print" is the coconut effect, Bryan Stepwise

The new animal print takes over, crocodile!

The print of the season is not the leopard or the zebra. Gone are the animal print that we liked so much the past seasons. This spring the trend pattern will be crocodile skin, better known in the fashion world as Croc. And in Bryan we have the croc shoes you need.

Croc obsession
Crocodile skin is characterized by its drawings in the form of squares or rectangles that create a unique and very special pattern. They stretch and adapt to each part of the shoe leaving an uneven stroke that enchants at first sight.

We have seen it in bags and accessories and now it comes to footwear. The croc looks great on loafer or ballerina shoe designs, like those in our new collection. These women's shoes are the stars of spring 2020, which become the essential footwear for fashion connoisseurs when they are also made with 100% croc effect leather.


Croc loafers: union is strength and these two elements together are synonymous with success.

Loafers arrive to raze. For some time it was seen that the trend was inevitable. The women's footwear for spring was going to take a little turn and the fashion gurus predicted that the loafers were going to return but this time, fine and elegant. We forget the big soles and look back to the sweet lines of a classic loafers with romantic style.


A comfortable and easy-to-wear women's shoe perfect for sunny days and endure all day since its flat sole allows a pleasant and light tread.

Ballerinas: the essentials

If there is a shoe that goes with us at any age, it is the ballerinas. We have used them as children, teenagers and adults. It is the perfect complement to any look, whether it's more arranged or more casual, they have more than proven that they stick with everything. Therefore, it is a very suitable woman's shoe for this time since it frees the foot of more appalling shoes and shelters just enough to protect it from the most spring fresh.

And how could it be otherwise, we wanted to bring you ballerinas with the croc effect since it looks great with this type of design. It gives a modern touch and the rounded shape of the overture is the icing on a completely trending proposal.

We have presented them in different colors and textures, but the most special is undoubtedly the one represented with 100% croc skin.

And you? Do you already have your favorite shoes for spring? Check out our new collection and choose your shoe for this spring. Remember that we make 100% leather and handmade shoes. A product made in Spain that we take care of in detail.

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