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The trekking style that will go viral in 2019

Although we are in the middle of summer with a heat that melts us around the corners, you already know that at Bryan we like to get ahead and always be up to date. That's why today we tell you a little more about what will be all the new features that will sweep the next Autumn/Winter 2019 season.

Two posts ago we gave you a brief introduction to what trekking or outdoor style is , and today we tell you why it is already becoming the hit of celebrities and Street Style lovers.

This new trend, inspired by the mountains, is a fact that has begun to manifest itself in many Nordic countries or in those whose climate is colder, and as it could not be otherwise, it will also arrive in Spain very soon.

This means that all the sports footwear in the new collection, from boots to sneakers , will come loaded with trekking inspiration , so keep reading if you want to know more!

Some brands known in the fashion world for the manufacture of luxury items, such as Gucci, have already begun to show on their catwalks some designs inspired by this new trend, both in their boots and sneakers.

Image: Gucci

And we are not surprised, because who did not experience that invasion of down jackets and windbreakers on the streets last winter? The mountaineering trend already existed, and now it is back stronger than ever.

But don't worry, we know that Gucci are very unaffordable. That's why at Bryan we want to make it much easier for you and that's why we bring down this trend inspired by hiking, from the mountains to the city and the asphalt, and we bring you the trekking style in the form of sneakers and casual boots.

In both our Kendra boot and our Patagonia sneaker, we have managed to merge fashion, comfort and of course, adventure in the same design.

Kendra Boot

Patagonia Sneaker

We know we're not wrong when we say that Kendra & Patagonia will become your favorite everyday basics this fall . Not only because of their multifunctionality, since they combine perfectly with different styles such as urban, casual or more sporty looks, but also because they are perfect all-terrain designs for any plan that arises or you propose.

At Bryan, we launch these two new designs always based on an idea that is based on the fact that to feel beautiful and on-trend, you don't need to give up comfort.

That is why both designs have a 3cm lightened platform that not only stylizes the leg, but also makes them weightless and provides that feeling of walking as if you could float.

We love the idea of ​​establishing fashions that focus on design, style and, above all, comfort. These three pillars are what have served as a basis when designing with all our love for you, Kendra & Patagonia.

We hope you like them as much as we do! 🖤

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