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When we see a shoe we must think about how it has been made. Processes, people, traditions, experience, quality of the product... We tell you about Bryan's value chain and everything that is part of our company.

A work made in Spain that involves craftsmen, local factories, workshops and raw materials from the province of Alicante.

For this reason we should not compare the products made in Spain with the fast fashion industry (and much less its price). Behind Bryan Stepwise there are many workers and companies that help us so that the final result can be carried out.

What is the value chain?

The value chain is a term coined by the academic Michael Porter, known for his economic theories in his book Competitive Advantage. Porter defines it as "a theoretical model that describes the development of a company's activities in order to generate value for the final product".

Bryan complies with this theory which is nothing more than from the first sketches to the final product, placing value on each step of our production.

1. Design

We start with product design, which is born in Bryan and is distributed in different stages: idea, research, process planning and prototyping to reach the final product.

2. Zero Waste

We continue with the supply of the different shoes so that there is no overproduction. There are models such as the "best sellers" where a larger production is needed than the "new in", which will have a limited stock to analyse their reception on sale.

3. Raw material

Once we know the exact number of shoes, we proceed to purchase raw materials, including local suppliers to promote local trade. We use top quality materials that guarantee a perfect finish and the durability of the shoe over time.

4. Production

Once the materials have been obtained, we take them to the factory, where our employees, using different machines and hand by hand, shape the shoes. Our main factory is located in Aspe (Alicante) and the workshops are in Elche, where we carry out more specific work (sewing, stitching, fitting, assembling, cutting...).

5. Logistic

The next step would be logistics, where the reception, storage and distribution of the products with their corresponding packaging takes place. We have our own warehouse and partners who help us with the maintenance and dispatch of orders.

6. Communication & Marketing

In the meantime, our marketing department promotes the different designs through social media, campaigns and shoots. We like the shoes to be seen in a variety of ways, both worn with different looks and in alternative settings.

7. Sales

In terms of sales, our main portal is the Bryan website. We also distribute our products to local shops and shops such as multi-brand shoe shops.

In 2022, we opened our first shop in Madrid. This is a physical point of sale where you will be able to try on the shoes and make the purchase and have it delivered to your home. Vogue highlighted this innovative system where there are no cash registers or in-store warehouses.

8. Customer Service

Once our customers have our products, there is an after-sales service or customer service, where exchanges, returns and evaluations take place.

It is very important for the brand that the shopping experience is positive and that the work behind it is recognised.

After all these steps, the value chain closes with happy customers and a great team satisfied with their work.

At Bryan it is clear to us, quality always comes before quantity.

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