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8 Tips to make your shoes last longer

Bryan 's Made in Spain women's shoes will accompany you as long as you take care of them. Having a quality shoe is like having a treasure, the seasons will pass and they will continue to be your favorites.

We want them to last a long time, so we give you some tips to take care of your Bryans and keep them like the first day.

1. Should we moisturize our leather shoes?

The answer is: it depends. It depends on the type of skin in question. At Bryan we have different leathers. We tell you which ones you can hydrate and which ones you can't.

Tanned leather, which is what we use most in our women's boots and ankle boots , like our skin, must be hydrated so that it does not crack and keep it shiny and beautiful. We find this type of leather in models like Eve or Vilanelle in black.

A novelty this season has been vintage-style leather. We can see it in both brown and black . You can moisturize vintage black skin to always keep it perfect.

In brown, since it has different shades, we should not apply any type of cream or bitumen since we could lose that beautiful effect that characterizes it.

2. How to prevent them from losing their shape?

Once all our women's boots and ankle boots are manufactured, we fill them with paper and keep them in their box to send them to you. With this we ensure that when you receive your shoes from Bryan they are perfect and do not lose their shape.

We always tend to throw away that paper that goes inside our boot and it bothers us to try it on. The best tip we can give you is to keep it, and to put it back on every time you take it off.

This way you will ensure that your boot is always perfect and does not deform. Since we invest in quality, let's take care of it.

3. Cleaning is essential

The cleanliness and appearance of each person's footwear speaks volumes about the personality of the wearer. Having impeccable footwear is hygiene.

Depending on the use made of the women's shoe , it must be cleaned with one frequency or another. Frequency is as important as the product you use to clean it.

If we have doubts about the type of leather, it is best to go to a person who is an expert in shoe care.

4. Avoiding bad odors in your shoes is very simple

Leather shoes are a mandatory part of anyone's wardrobe. This type of material is perfect for battle shoes, for everyday shoes.

If after wearing our favorite women's shoes we place balls of clean paper, the paper will absorb the moisture from the shoe, both that produced by natural sweating of the foot and environmental humidity.

Humidity along with poor hygiene is the cause of the bad smell in our shoes. If we kill it daily we will prevent them from smelling bad.

5. Brush the shoes

Bryan's favorite boots have something in common, they are tan in color and made of suede leather . One of the most beautiful skins and one that requires the most care.

We cannot hydrate or wet them but that does not mean we have to forget about their maintenance.

To care for Jandra or Valentina , we always recommend brushing them gently with a sponge or brush that does not scratch the skin, always in the same direction and without applying any type of product. By brushing we can move the hair and blur small spots.

6. Conservation: Change laces, insoles...

Extending the useful life of your shoes by changing materials that wear out or deteriorate is key to preserving them for years.

And if a zipper breaks, you don't have to buy new shoes, you have to put new ones on. If an insole wears out, we must not forget them at the bottom of our closet, we must replace it.

They are small actions that do not require much effort and mean extending the life of our shoes.

We must not forget that a shoe is everything, from the sole to the laces and therefore we must take care of each of its parts.

7. Save them after each season

When each season ends and we carefully put away all our clothes, we cannot forget to do the same with our shoes . These are the ones who suffer the most season after season.

We have to avoid factors such as humidity, light and dust as they can cause damage to the skin such as cracks and discoloration.

A good option, if you have enough space, is to put them inside their cloth bag and store them in their own Bryan box.

8. Consult with expert shoemakers

Homemade tricks to fix small things are great, but when it comes to quality footwear that we want to last over time, certain things are not worth it.

A super glue does not glue EVERYTHING, nor should we apply it to our footwear, since we can damage it even more. Sometimes, the solution to a problem can be very simple for a shoemaker and with a bad action on our part we can hinder their work.

If you have any questions, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of experts who will know how to help you keep your shoes perfect.

For more tips on cleaning and maintenance you can visit our blog "How to clean your leather boots" where we tell you in more detail about some of Bryan's favorite models.

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