7 SHOE TRENDS FOR 2023 – Bryan Stepwise


We tell you ALL about the shoes that will be in fashion in 2023: warm ankle boots, metallic boots, moccasins, ballerinas...

When the year begins, we always set ourselves new challenges: to rest and take better care of ourselves, to join the gym, to enjoy every moment and to invest our time in what we really like...

Fashion fanatics, in addition to all this, we are already thinking about what will be the new trends for the coming year. And we've already researched all the shoes we'll want to have in our wardrobe to be on trend.


You don't need to go on Instagram or Pinterest to know that they are the most popular product this winter. After several years, these warm ankle boots are back and we can see them with both basic and casual looks, high or low, with or without a platform.

We propose as an option our Praga model. This Nordic style ankle boot has "sheepskin" on the inside and nylon on the outside, to give a mountain look that will protect you from the cold.


Other boots that we can't stop seeing are metallic boots. We can find them in all colours and types, and although we've seen them before, when the third season of Emily in Paris came out, this product revolutionised the networks.

In our RESPECT collection, we are launching four metallic ankle boots in different colours under the name Maggie. And stay tuned for our spring releases, we will be announcing more models and colours!


Moccasins have been with us for years, but this 2023 will be no less. If you don't have one yet, don't think twice about it. Wear them with white socks, you can't go wrong!

On our website we have different types of moccasins, decide which one is your favourite!


If anything is triumphing, it is without a doubt the dark aesthetic. The Addams family's "Wednesday" series has left no one indifferent. The gothic style is back this season and platform shoes are key to it.

If you thought you couldn't find shoes to go with this style, you'd be wrong. Our Tokyo design is a perfect match.


Ballerinas were all the rage in the 2000s. We all wore them and if we didn't, we wanted them. This 2023 they are back with a vengeance. A classic model that will take you back to the past.

Our Martina square toe ballet flats with adjustable heel could be the perfect bet for a more contemporary look, now for €31.96!


In spring and summer, sandals and heels stand out in every possible way. This year above many others you can find the "Kitten Heels" which are thin and not very high heels. We can also see them in Bryan in the spring-summer season.


Roman sandals will be a must for any event or summer day. They are sandals with straps that fit around the ankles. Next season will be full of new sandals in this style. Stay tuned for what Bryan will bring in 2023.

You can find the Aquila model on our website in different colours. You can tie these sandals over your trousers, thus wearing two great trends of 2023. Now for 34,95 €!


Now it's up to you to find out which trends suit your style and combine them in your own way.

You can check out our selection of discounted shoes on our website.

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