October 19: World Breast Cancer Day, Bryan Stepwise

October 19: World Breast Cancer Day

Like every year, World Breast Cancer Day is celebrated on October 19 as a reminder of society's commitment to the (necessary) fight against breast cancer, a disease that affects a high percentage of women. in Spain.

What is the purpose of this day?

International Breast Cancer Day is celebrated with the aim of raising awareness and making society aware of the importance of generating resources that enable further research into this disease.
Also, the diagnosis must be as early as possible, since the rates of overcoming this disease are quite high if it is detected in time.

We want to present different initiatives, actions and people that have helped (a lot) to give visibility to this topic in a natural and original way.

People who are also inspiration and example.


We start with @tetaandteta , a brand responsible for free the nipple products and social initiatives whose objective is to desexualize the boob and the environment.

They launched a crowdfunding campaign to create the bra that was missing, a single-piece bra for those women who do not want or cannot wear prostheses.

"For women who mark a scar and a new path. Women convinced that femininity cannot be removed or filled in"

The @tetaandteta team looked for allies to put their experience and love into this project, partnering with @anielaparys (organic lingerie designer) and @anna.bonny (creator of the post-mastectomy patch).

Crowdfunding has already raised more than 100% of the initial budget (from which the project could move forward).
You can take a look at the @goteofunding website: " Lola: the single-cup bra for women with one breast."

Bimba Bose

Model, singer, DJ... and, above all, unique.

A totally inspiring woman for doing things her way, in a totally innovative and transgressive way.

Naturalness, spontaneity and courage are adjectives that have always accompanied her.
Icon par excellence in the world of fashion, Bimba has always been linked to trend, difference and transgression.
Muse of his close friend David delfín , who also died from cancer in 2017.

Since the alarm went off in 2014 due to her breast cancer , Bimba Bosé has always treated the issue with transparency, helping to make this reality visible and supporting her fight.
He did so by being part of specific actions against breast cancer and, most importantly, by being an example of how to face this disease with strength and optimism.

"I think you learn to love your cancer."

This was one of the answers that Bimba gave in what was his last interview , precisely at a campaign presentation against cancer organized by the Ausonia brand.

"Change is the only constant."

5 Instagrammers who inspire

Women who have gone through the disease of breast cancer and who have used their Instagram profiles to recount their daily lives, give visibility to the reality of the disease when living with it and where, above all, they have transmitted strength, courage and eager to move forward.

Cristina Ines

Silvia Astorga

Laura Torrens

Lorena Carbajal

save the mom

#makevisibleloinvisible action

This is a t-shirt created as an icon of the fight against breast cancer.

An initiative carried out by the advertising agency Brave together with FECMA -Spanish Breast Cancer Federation- and one of our favorite brands: Offset Collage ( @offsetcollafe_official )

Several women artists, presenters, comedians and influencers such as Tania LLasera , Ana Morgade , María Hesse and Marta Garrido were part of this action, supporting the cause.

Stella McCartney #NolessAWoman

The designer has launched her third campaign focused on breast cancer.

The artistic line revolves around the disease, with the aim of supporting women throughout the process of diagnosis, treatment and overcoming it.

For this campaign, McCartney has hired photographer David Jay and his The Sear Project.
In it, we will find images that capture the harsh reality of women, both in the process of the disease and once it has been overcome.

This is our small grain of sand in commemoration of this day.
We will continue working to be able to initiate our own actions, since this issue touches us very closely and we are aware of its importance.

For the moment, we wanted to do a brief review of initiatives that have caught our attention due to the way they are carried out.

Also, below is a link where you can download several wallpapers for your mobile.


We hope that you have discovered new things and that we become more and more in this movement.

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