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Yes, as you may have seen, Black Friday has already arrived. (You can see it, you feel it!).

It is everywhere and, why deny it, we like to find seasonal products at very low prices.

And Christmas is rearing its head and we don't want to waste the opportunity to start making purchases, gifts, details... And if it's on offer, much better!

At Bryan Stepwise we want to delve deeper into what this day means and where it comes from (and we like to know a little about everything). So let's get to it.


Black Friday is the day that opens the Christmas shopping season with significant sales at many retailers and department stores.
It occurs the day after Thanksgiving in the US, always being celebrated on the fourth (and last) Friday of the month of November.


Beyond the mere fact of it being a day in which the market takes the opportunity to lower the prices of its products, there are several curiosities that revolve around Black Friday and that we want to tell you.

The first use of the term Black Friday occurred due to an economic crisis (the wonderful contradictions of life, since it has now become a consumerist act).

We go back to Friday, September 24, 1869, when two insatiable Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, failed in their efforts to make huge profits from their work and the market went bankrupt. For this reason, that day was named “Black Friday” . (Surely Leonardo Dicaprio has come to mind and all that halo of business and ambition that shapes the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street ”).

Another of the stories that accompany Black Friday has to do with the figure of small businesses in the market . History and tradition tell us that, after an entire year of catastrophic losses (red numbers), it was finally after Thanksgiving that the profits began to arrive and, because of this, the numbers Red numbers were beginning to transform into “black numbers.”

Hence, it was considered a good idea to label as "black" a Friday that, without a doubt, shed a lot of light on the small merchant's business.


Like so many others, this is an imported tradition that we have already integrated into our celebration calendar.

However, Black Friday offers and sales did not reach Spain until 2013, since which time it has been established and made its place until it has become a key date for commerce.

Initially, the discounts on the darkest Friday of the year only occurred throughout this day but (as always happens with these things), the success is usually such that many brands extend it throughout the entire weekend (even extend to the full week).


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