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The boots that have swept this winter (and that now...are on sale!)

High boots provide warmth to your feet and stylize a woman's figure like a good high-heeled shoe without having to give up comfort, which is why they are the undisputed queens of the winter season and cannot be missing from our shoe rack. And now is the ideal time to buy some since you can find real gems at discounted prices.

Women's boots are a must in the cold season and now that there are still months to wear them, they are on sale by up to 40%!

If you still don't have new season boots, now is the time. At Bryan we have been able to bring you models of all types and styles and you have swept them away. Made with top quality materials, 100% leather and handcrafted in our factory in Elche, they are shoes that will last a long time. We also have designs that, according to fashion gurus, we will see in shop windows for many seasons.

And we are happy about it. We can bring you fashion and products that last over time. Quality at a great price so you can feel comfortable and show off shoes made in Spain.

1. Cowboy style

Cowboy fashion has been and is the trend par excellence of this campaign (and those to come). We have seen them in many ways and forms, but Bryan's proposal has been a success and the Jandra boot has triumphed, being our best seller by far.

We perfectly combine the softest cowboy design with elegant lines so you can wear them with any outfit in your daily life.

With the Jandra boots and the Minerva ankle boots we wanted to bring you denim fashion, playing with the extravagance of the cowboy and transforming it into a more subtle style. The result was fine cowboy boots for women that feature a pointed finish and hand-sewn embroidery.

Now you can find them with up to 30% off and in 4 colors. Click here to see them all!

And the Minerva ankle boots are 40% off here !

2. Country boots

We already talked about the differences between the cowboy style and the country style here . And, although they come from the same world, both designs are very different.

Valentina boots are shoes with classic shapes, very clean, without frills and this is what makes them the perfect women's boots . The heel is in its place: neither too high, nor too low so that the foot rests well in the step but highlights the legs. It is comfort made into a shoe since its 100% leather adapts to any foot and its wide shaft allows it to be adjusted without problems.

Now you can get your essential Valentina boot with up to 40% in 4 colors. Click here .

3. XXL high boots

Another trend that returns from the past are high boots above the knees or, with its English name, Over the knee boots. We tell you about the history of this design here and how the Spanish designer, Balenciaga, was its precursor. A visionary who has left us this legacy and that at Bryan we bring you with the Jimena boots . Do you want to know more about them? We tell you everything!

We have them on sale with 20% and they go from 99.90 euros to 79.90 euros here . Take advantage of!

5. All Trekking

The world of the mountains has inspired designers for some years now and we have seen shoes and boots of many styles. This season we brought you hiking-inspired boots, Kendra, and Patagonia sneakers.

The laces, the metallic buckles and the light but powerful sole with its sporty lines have made them the casual shoes of this winter. The surprise came when you combined it for everything and we could see them with tracksuits as well as with more formal clothes . A complete success!

You have both proposals at 40% with a price of 47.95 euros, here .

Many models already have the latest sizes and we will not be restocking, so we strongly advise you that if you liked any of our shoes, do not hesitate to buy them now!

It is a unique occasion and there are still months of cold to be able to show them off. :)

If you take them home, don't forget to share your photo with us on Instagram or upload stories mentioning us. We like to share it with everyone!

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