Melania Freire, winner of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent Award 2019

Her inspiration in art and her references to David Hockney have crowned her as the best designer of Fashion Week.

Last Wednesday saw the start of Madrid Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, with a commitment to new emerging designers.

With the aim of giving visibility and support to new talents, the Samsung Ego catwalk was held, where the Galician Melania Freire won the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent award, which will open the doors to the Prague Fashion Week.

Melania, with studies in fashion and fine arts, has launched a collection highly inspired by art, the studies of perspective and David Hockney, a painter whose work is dominated by trench coats, shirts and ties, and who with a single brushstroke of turquoise blue gave a sense of depth.

The designer, who is between the millennial generation and the new generation Z, and belongs to the new group of designers who have different ideas and who are predicted to have a very promising future.

melania freire

In Bryan we bet for craftswomen, painters, musicians, designers, architects... and that long etcetera that like Melania, develop their own work, innovative and inspiring from the effort.

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